A Broken Mirror Reunited in an E-Sports
A Broken Mirror Reunited in an E-Sports
By 酒煮核弹头
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[Cool and beautiful team captain becomes the bottom in a relationship with an ultra-strong and decisive professional gamer] Rong Yi is the captain and chief tactician of the top team RS, cool and calm but suffering from camera phobia, and no one has ever seen his true face. After leading his team for five years and winning the championship for three years, he is betrayed by his team and left with nowhere to go. At this point, he receives a call from his ex. His ex is a cold-hearted and popular professional gamer who recently returned from overseas, having won numerous championships. He proposes a simple condition: “Join our team and we can restore our romantic relationship to make work easier.” Rong Yi: “Okay.” But wise men do not fall in love, and competitions are more important than anything. On the first day Rong Yi leaves his old team, his former teammates celebrate his departure, while the entire internet is filled with criticism. On the second day, netizens are silenced as they witness Rong Yi as the new team captain, completely dominating the game. On the third day, the media chases after him, but a low-key senior protects him, covering his face and revealing only a small, exquisitely white chin. The internet explodes with excitement. On and on the days go. Rong Yi’s former teammates are driven to the brink of collapse, asking with red eyes: “Captain, can you still come back?” “I’m sorry,” Rong Yi replies gently. “I’m their captain now.” Everyone knows that Rong Yi is the treasure of the entire VIT team, especially for the cold and reserved senior who shields him from everything and favors him to an infuriating degree. No one knows that this team was built for Rong Yi. From the moment Xiao Yin first saw this dusty gem, he wanted to wipe away the dust and protect Rong Yi’s brilliance. For five years, he has done just that.