After Admitting The Wrong God They Regret It
After Admitting The Wrong God They Regret It
By 酒煮核弹头
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Xinghui and his twin brother Yuejian were both born as deities in the cosmic abyss after the Interstellar Storm. However, Xinghui never had any followers. While the upper galaxy inhabitants admired Yuejian’s dazzling golden hair and eyes, Xinghui, with black hair, black eyes, and blindness, was accused of wrongfully seizing Yuejian’s power and coming into existence forcibly. The handsome deity Xinghui faced rejection everywhere as they struggled to gain believers. They ended up in desolate star systems and were eventually captured by the brutal demon race, feeling the exceptionally fierce and ferocious aura exuding from their leader. The pitiable deity, Xinghui, opened their unseen eyes wide, standing firm and maintaining their divine dignity in the face of the demons. They wanted to curse inwardly. What should a fallen deity do in a star system devoid of belief? The legends said the demon race even ate gods! What kind of belief was this that could be obtained? * After the Interstellar Storm, the interstellar survival conditions became harsh, and the cosmic abyss gave forth directives – the deities would provide them with a place to survive. The demon race was exiled to a barren star system and was never favored by the cosmic abyss, nor did they believe in its words. Until they encountered Xinghui. The small deity, despite their worn appearance, made the hearts of all demons present race. The strength of their inner gentleness made the demons defy their instinct to be cunning and ruthless. They gradually held the small deity in high regard and offered the most devout faith. * Later on, after losing Xinghui, another Interstellar Storm struck. The false deity trying to seize divine power was cast down from the divine pedestal. The inhabitants of the upper galaxies finally realized they had lost a precious treasure. Their past actions were all like sharp blades, driving them to madness. But the deity Xinghui had already been held in the embrace of the demons, sleeping soundly in their arms. [The beautiful, weak-looking deity who struggled to maintain their divine dignity on the outside but was peculiar, adorable, and reliable on the inside Shou X authoritarian demon leader who was teased by the deity’s dignity, a mixture of exasperation and amus**ent Gong. The deity’s eyesight would improve later.]