After Marrying the Mermaid Boss
After Marrying the Mermaid Boss
By 酒煮核弹头
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In this world, mermaids and humans live together and follow the same rules. Si Yue is not a mermaid. He is a wealthy young man who neglects his responsibilities. Mermaids are extremely intelligent, but they are inherently wary and keep their distance from humans. Si Yue had no idea he’d meet a mermaid until his dad told him that the family needed him to enter a marriage― with a mermaid. The mermaid’s own assets are worth billions of dollars. He has the appearance that he prefers and his personality is also fairly nice; he is a decent catch. So, Siyue began to study intensively about mermaids. 1. The lighter the color of a mermaid’s tail, the more rare it is. 2. When a mermaid sees someone they likes, scales appear behind her ears. 3. Humans have the potential to transform into mermaids. 4. The mermaid’s breeding season normally occurs during the transition from spring to summer. 5. … As Si Yue was about to continue reading, the book in his hand was snatched away by a man who had appeared behind him. The man’s voice was indifferent, “My breeding season is not limited to spring or summer; like humans, I am always capable.” Si Yue: “!”