After the Breakup, I Married my Ex’s Brother-in-Law
After the Breakup, I Married my Ex’s Brother-in-Law
By 酒煮核弹头
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Rong Xinxin was not sad at all after being broken up. As a pretty girl, she was able to agree to date Yan Feichen because of his face. If they didn’t have a deep relationship, they would break up. What’s more, she has a unique hobby. The first time she saw his brother-in-law Yan Chengan, Rong Xinxin made a decision. The doggy man disgusted her, so she took revenge and went back. Wouldn’t it be better to be his little aunt instead of his girlfriend? Rong Xinxin felt extremely happy when she thought of Yan Fei’s livid face. The so-called love at first sight is nothing more than lust, and being reserved and abstinent are just appearances, control, and training. Rong Xinxin held her bu*t that was red from being spanked and cried as she was being f*cked, Wow, it felt so damn good.