Alice-san wa Template o Shiranai
Alice-san wa Template o Shiranai
By Kankitsu Ue
26 Chapters
4 Reviews
Arisugawa Kyoko, who self-proclaimed to be an ordinary high school girl, died after slipping in the bathroom and then encountered a god-like deity called the Creator God. This led to her reincarnation in a different world. In this completely unfamiliar world, she starts a new life as Alice. A new world and a new life await her. Various encounters, adventures, and dramas she has never seen before are waiting for her. Yes, this is a typical story of someone being reincarnated into another world, just like many others out there. The only thing that sets her apart is that she’s a girl who knows nothing about the usual tropes, clichés, flags, cheats, common sense, and so on, often found in this kind of genre. In this world, there’s a forest that explodes and blows away anything that shouts. The race she was reborn as is the [True Ancestor] a vampire species that became extinct 30,000 years ago. The first being she encounters is a dragon called the [Black Death Dragon] Her stats are so overpowered that even the gods would be amazed. “Elves? A race? I don’t really know, but it’s like the Peking Man, I guess. Whatever.” “Huh? I’m a vampire?” “Immortality…? What about becoming the envy of everyone with a nice body?” “Eighty billion of Magic power…? Well, maybe that’s quite a lot. Well, more is always better.” This is the story of a completely ordinary girl named Alice, who knows nothing about the isekai genre. In general, the protagonist travels the world with companions in a laid-back manner, experiencing a gag-filled daily life. Since the protagonist knows nothing about isekai, they don’t hold back and simply label everything as [amazing in another world] or

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