All Stars are My Gourmet Fans
All Stars are My Gourmet Fans
By 酒煮核弹头
21 Chapters
3 Reviews
Jiang Qiuqiu, a food blogger in the 21st century, has traveled to the interstellar era. To make ends meet, a food anchor named Jiang Jiaoyu in the Federal Food Live Zone was born, attracting countless local tycoons and hundreds of millions of Federal fans! #Shock! The fan rankings of a certain anchor in the food live category is simply a Federal press conference!# The first fan on the list is Admiral Mosi, the Blade of the Empire! The second on the list is His Excellency Jones, the Chief of the Cabinet! From the third to the twenty fans’ list, there are 18 conscripts from the Federation! Everyone: ! ! ! ? ? ? —– Jiang Qiuqiu originally only wanted to cook and make ends meet, but she unexpectedly became famous, enlisted in the army, saved a legion, and picked up a husband. One day, a short video became famous on the federal network. In the video, the hottest Internet celebrity surnamed Jiang tweeted a video where a tall, handsome and imposing Admiral, who destroyed the hands of the Zerg queen, holding a kitchen knife to cut carrots! And the tweet said: I finally found a man who can cook for me. Countless people are screaming for this beautiful love!

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