Bride of the End
Bride of the End
By Ayasato Keishi
5 Chapters
2 Reviews
Hundreds of years have passed since the threat known as Kihei suddenly emerged and laid waste the world. To combat this threat, humanity established a school of magic, Twilight Academy. Ever since then, the battle between Kihei and humanity has raged on day and night. On one fateful day, Kaguro Kou, a member of the Department of Magic Research, journeyed to a particular ruin to retrieve a Kihei corpse. Unfortunately, his life ended there…or should’ve, until a Kihei girl saved him― “Greetings, my love―my name is Shirahime. From here on, I shall be by your side forever.” Like a knight in a story, like a princess in a fairy tale, the awakened maiden made a vow to Kou. However, he is unaware of the never-ending hell that will soon ensue― A touching dark fantasy of hope and despair from Keishi Ayasato, author of Torture Princess!