Can’t Save the World by Pretending to be Dead
Can’t Save the World by Pretending to be Dead
By Mo Chen Huan
42 Chapters
6 Reviews
Lian Xi was born with yin-yang eyes. Since he was a child, from day to night, he would be begged by ghosts to do things for them. Helping ghosts fulfill their long cherished wishes would result in a reward. However, prior to finishing the task, no one would know if the reward would result in a blessing or a curse. Once Lian Xi completes helping a ghost with something, the little ghost would start to glow with light. If it was a gold light, that meant a blessing. If it was a red light, that meant a curse. If it was a blessing he could win the lotto. If it was a curse he could step into dog sh*t every time he walked out of the door. After finding bugs in his takeout for three days in a row, Lian Xi came to realize: “Only by pretending to be dead can I save my world!” Originally he thought that he could live his life peacefully by pretending to be dead, but who knew that more and more ghosts started appearing around him. Not only them, but more and more strange people too. Until suddenly one day, a pure golden light passed by in front of him. Lian Xi’s mouth fell open, dumfounded, and then he reached out and grabbed it! Gold Light / Lie Chen: ??? Lian Xi (*Organizing his breathing*): Hello, may I ask, do you have any long cherished wishes? A good deed results in good karma. I’m not interested in money falling from the sky, the most important thing is I’m kind and like to help people. I’m a modern-day Lei Feng and a current-day red-scarfer. I want to help you solve your heart’s problems so you can happily enter reincarnation and return to being a good person~~ At the same time, in the underworld’s Manor of Hell- “Oh my Lord! The King of Hell has gone missing! The River of Forgetfulness has stopped flowing!” Believing himself to be the Black Reaper, black-tongued, amnesiac King of Hell Gong x Suddenly turned into the White Reaper, cold exterior warm interior, pretending to be dead Shou.

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