Cerulean Planet
Cerulean Planet
By ้…’็…ฎๆ ธๅผนๅคด
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He was the first animal on this planet to have emerged from the waters to walk on land. He sat on the sandy beach, looking down at his hands. He had five fingers on each hand, joined together by blue webbing. He stared at his hands. The webbing disappeared, seemingly absorbed into his body. His skin became hard and dry. Textures began to form. He sat there, pondering. Who am I? He seemed to be experiencing rather than thinking. He could sense the damp heat of water vapour caressing his body; hear the quiet sloshing of water from afar, wave after wave; feel the grains of white sand digging into his skin. He experienced things. But when he reached with his hand, he could not seem to grasp what they were. He reached again and touched the corners of his mouth, noticing its upward arch. He made an expression known to humans as a smile. Soon, the expression shifted into something else. He sat there, cried and laughed, crying and laughing, as his chest rioted with brimming emotions.

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