I Don’t Want This White Moonlight Anymore!
I Don’t Want This White Moonlight Anymore!
By 酒煮核弹头
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The first time Zhao Yinqing set eyes on Sun Lu, she’d immediately fallen hopelessly in love, and had been dead set on loving him for 12 years. But this love was one-sided. Without even so much as a glance at her, Sun Lu loyally stuck to his white moonlight (first love). Finally, at the age of 26, Zhao Yinqing fell down a flight of stairs. As her soul began to dissipate, she watched wide-eyed as Sun Lu smashed her own grave like a lunatic. He actually hated her to this point! She thought to herself: If I could live again, at the moment I first see you, someone please make me blind! Then, heaven opened its eyes and brought her back to the time when it had all begun. Meeting with Sun Lu once again, Zhao Yinqing told him, “Sun Lu, can you stay away from me?” Sun Lu: “Sure!” Afterwards, listening to his mother, Sun Lu started living in the Zhao family home. “Zhao Yinqing, I’m injured, won’t you console me?” “Zhao Yinqing, it’s been so many years, won’t you look at me?” “Zhao Yinqing, would it kill you to like me, just for a while?”