I Have Become A Demon God. Did You Just Ask Me To Be A Minor Villain?
I Have Become A Demon God. Did You Just Ask Me To Be A Minor Villain?
By 酒煮核弹头
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While traveling through the world of the gods, Su Mo stumbled upon a discovery that would change his life forever. He integrated infinitely upgradable succubus blood into his body and became a mighty Demon God, all while maintaining his guise as an ordinary earl in the human kingdom. Su Mo enjoyed teasing the little succubus and even had a penchant for abducting angels from the heavens, much to the dismay of the Heavenly Goddess who often expressed her anger. His comfortable life took a drastic turn when countless people from the Blue Star unexpectedly arrived in the world of the gods. Among them were both protagonists and villains. A confrontation between the two sides has begun. Su Mo was taken aback when he discovered that he was one of the villains. However, due to an accident during time travel, he had arrived twenty years earlier than anyone else. “What’s going on? I’ve become a Demon God, and now you want me to be a minor villain?” Su Mo exclaimed. His decision to become a villain left countless protagonists trembling in his wake. Please note that this novel and its characters are purely fictitious. Any similarities to real-life individuals or events are strictly coincidental and should not be imitated.

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