I Was Sold to My Mortal Enemy (Double Transmigrations)
I Was Sold to My Mortal Enemy (Double Transmigrations)
By ้…’็…ฎๆ ธๅผนๅคด
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Transmigration wasnโ€™t scary. Whatโ€™s truly frightening was that not only did he became a shuanger, but he was also sold to his arch-nemesis, Pei Xing, who transmigrated before him. Back in their world, Pei Xing hailed from a prominent and wealthy family with assets worth billions. He stood tall at 190cm, possessed striking mixed-race features, and was incredibly affluent and good-looking. However, after traveled to this world, Pei Xing now stands at 195cm, still retaining his remarkable mixed-race appearance. He was the most handsome man for miles around, residing in the grandest estate in the vicinity. Furthermore, he received various accolades and even had some special abilities. In contrast, the protagonist not only lacks these extraordinary skills but also had to deal with monthly issues, causing his height to shrink from 1.83 meters to 1.73 meters. How could he not resent this stark contrast in their experiences?!

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