In Your Vulgar Paradise
In Your Vulgar Paradise
By 酒煮核弹头
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“Saint, you must marry me.” Klaus Geshturn, God’s adversary who sought more than what was permitted to humans. He proposed to the fallen saint who had become useless, bringing about the decline of the religious order. “Through this, our Antagon will shed the image of a heretic, and you, Saint, will be free.” The moment Azniel, who had once rescued a wounded, emaciated boy with jet-black eyes and radiant blond hair a decade ago, saw him in the handsome man before her, there was no way she could resist taking his hand. A prenuptial agreement filled only with favorable terms for her, a grand mansion, inexhaustible wealth in gold and treasures, and excessive generosity. ‘You will surely become free.’ Azniel believed the boy had returned to keep the long promise “I asked my wife for nothing from the start.” Until she faced the husband who never stood by her. “You truly desire nothing… right?” Everything the perfect husband offered tightened her throat and drained her dry. And so, after exhausting her last purpose, Azniel left her husband without hesitation. There was nothing more for him to gain from this marriage, which had been her salvation in the mire. But why? “Even if I am repulsive, live by my side and disdain me.” Why did he desperately seek her out? “Please, don’t say that I was wrong….” Kneeling at her feet and sobbing bitterly.

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