Please Satisfy the Princess
Please Satisfy the Princess
By 酒煮核弹头
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Cerne Siaz, Princess of the Siaz Empire, was suspected of having anorgasmia. In search of a way to cure herself, she traveled to the Kingdom of Ildon, a country with a thriving pharmacy. She heard a rumor that the men of the Ildon royal family inherited the great size of their ‘thing.’ That’s right. Maybe she’s not impotent. It’s just that the men are undersized! Cerne decided to seduce the prince of Ildon and spend the night with him. Through one steamy night with the second prince of Ildon, Richelden Ildon… She realizes that she’s not anorgasmic. Before she can bask in the pleasure, he ran away like a frightened puppy. Two months later, in the ballroom of the Siaz Imperial Palace. Cerne meets Kerril Ildon, the First Prince of the Kingdom of Ildon, who wishes to pursue her. She resolves to incite jealousy in Richelden, whose feelings she cannot fathom… This is a story of romance that unfolds between Princess Cerne of the Siaz Kingdom who was seeking ways to find satisfaction in her bed and Richelden, the prince of the Ildon Kingdom with a grand lineage!

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