Promise Me a Life With Three Meals and a Nap, Duke
Promise Me a Life With Three Meals and a Nap, Duke
By Chikafuji Yuki
67 Chapters
6 Reviews
Despite being a Count’s daughter, Risha always had dark circles under her eyes. In addition, her skin and hair were ragged, and she was skinny. The dress she wore didn’t match her figure at all. In comparison, the daughter of the woman who became the Count’s second wife had a lovely, beautiful face, even though one of her parents was a commoner. Unable to tell which of them had legitimate noble blood, Risha was ridiculed in social circles. Then one day, someone proposed to Risha. He was the Duke of Lindbeld, an exceptionally handsome, straight-laced man. The Duke didn’t want to marry, but got annoyed by the people around him who kept nagging him to do so. Moreover, he was tired of the lady who kept hounding him. He was looking for a young lady who would be willing to be his nominal wife, who would not interfere in his work or in his personal life. So Risha, who has no interest in the Duke of Lindbeld whatsoever, was selected. Risha put forward one condition for the marriage. She said that she would marry him if he provided her with three meals, a nap, and a minimum standard of living. In fact, Risha was always busy and sleep-deprived as a result of her father and step-mother’s work. She’d be free from this busyness! How wonderful! She married with tears in her eyes!

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