Showing Too Much Love, I’m Being Targeted
Showing Too Much Love, I’m Being Targeted
By One Leaf With Long Eyes
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“Seeing Lin Yuan’s eight-pack abs, his muscles, his body, makes me feel safe!” “The dinner Lin Yuan prepared for me was absolutely delicious, better than anything I could have ordered at a restaurant.” “Showing the screenshot of Lin Yuan playing with me in the game, the World Champion has given me a friend status!” Lin Yuan sent me a beautifully stitched traditional dress, made by himself after learning from an unknown professional.” “Lin…” After being in a relationship for half a year, Mu Qianqian showed off his affection each day to her social circle. Causing her single besties to be jealous, but they could only silently swallow food in silence. But today, Mu Qianqian posted a hypocritical message on WeChat Moments. “In the end, we broke up.” As soon as these words came out, her besties began to act one after another…

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