So You Have Loved Me Too
So You Have Loved Me Too
By Slight Uplifting
60 Chapters
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She is the Ji family’s prospective granddaughter-in-law. But on the day of her engagement, she meets a blindfolded man. From then on, she gets unknowingly blindfolded and sent to a mysterious location repeatedly. Finally, she gets pregnant one day. Her mind is thrown into chaos. She tries to get the baby aborted at the hospital, but she gets blindfolded again on the surgery table and is sent to him. When she finally sees his face, she becomes even more flustered, “Why is it you?” The man smiles at her gently, “Marry me. All those people who bullied you will now have to respect you.” Ji Anning: “…” One fine day, Ji Anning touches her protruding belly as she asks Mr Ji with a look of dilemma, “Honey, what should the baby call you after it’s born?” Mr Ji: “…”