The Bittersweet Days of Our Youth
The Bittersweet Days of Our Youth
By Water Footpath Ink
21 Chapters
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In the 1930s, Shanghai was in the midst of a stormy period. Ye Bingqing, the second youngest daughter of the Ye family, returned from her studies abroad and was involved in a revolutionary party and the faction’s secret service. A letter of denunciation pushed Qin Shiyue, a teacher she originally admired and liked, into the camp of her opponents. From then on, good and evil were confused. Right and wrong were often reversed. Who is the ally and who is the enemy? How did Ye Bingqing find the truth with the only straw that saved her life? This is a book about “growing up”. Growing up is not always sweet or gentle, but rather, a lot more painful to break out of the cocoon. In the process of growing up, a young girl may have that kind of love, or she may change her fate overnight or she may have a different perception and experience of life…A young girl in her blossoming season is just like a cicada nymph who “breaks out of her cocoon”, facing various hardships, contradictions, and conflicts on the way to her growth. But it is exactly this thought of seeking the truth and facing without shirking that forges strong wings and a mature heart. And when the dust finally settles, she will be able to emerge as a butterfly and once again, welcome the sunlight and dance in the blue sky.

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