The Emperor’s Runaway Lover
The Emperor’s Runaway Lover
By Chen Sensen
69 Chapters
15 Reviews
After being framed by a close friend, the death row inmate Fu Yucheng was exiled to the Earth wastelands. One day, he picked up a dying boy in the desert—at that time, no one would have thought that this boy would become the frightening White Emperor. Years later, in the deepest area of the Imperial Palace, the White Emperor, who was known for his indifference and cruelty, woke up every midnight with tears in his eyes, almost unable to breathe from the pain. That person was no longer there. His jealousy and s*upidity drove him to death. Didn’t even leave a dead body. Thousands of miles away, while living it up in a casino, Fu Yucheng, who had been forced to die, threw some dice, then sneezed: “That damned boy, Bai Mo, is he cursing me again?” It’s a pity that Fu Yucheng, who was enjoying himself, still didn’t understand a truth comparable to Newton’s three major laws: Escaping death might be good for a while, but if your identity gets exposed you’re done for.