The Last Creator
The Last Creator
By ้…’็…ฎๆ ธๅผนๅคด
78 Chapters
12 Reviews
Human beings had almost unlimited resources for all kinds of enjoyment in life because of the highly developed technology that they made, After they developed everything that they had always wanted, this once greedy race begins to feel the boringness of life and finally got tired of living. In SGD 7128, the last human chose to end his life. From then on, this race ended their existence and the robots that were made by humans took over the earth. In 3746 of the new calendar, the robot race discovered a wormhole hidden in the depths of the universe, realizing that it was a space jump, they discovered a bright boundless sky full of life. Since then, a powerful race has emerged. They had a perfect appearance and were known to be the most ruthless being ever known. No one knew where they came from. They are considered the most mysterious existence in the universe. Everyone knows that this race has no heart and has never seen them moved by anything. Until one day, this race found a human body frozen in the ancient earth site.

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