Why Do All the Male Protagonists Look at Me Like That
Why Do All the Male Protagonists Look at Me Like That
By Gong Zi Yu Ge
136 Chapters
32 Reviews
Zhai Xingchen has transmigrated into a novel about a rich and powerful love variety show. Almost all of the 8 guests have a combination of beauty and wealth, which can be called the pinnacle of a love variety show. For example, guest No. 1 is notorious and cold. Everyone has to avoid him. He has only been interested in financial data in his life, but he has an extremely handsome face. A casual smile can make people blush and walk. He is the master of the Future Business Empire, and he can swipe his bank card at will. Guest No. 2, a straight boss with evil charm, height 191, male dog waist, shark muscle, the son of luck who will be famous in the world. Now he is still starting his own business, but he will suddenly become rich in a year, and become the owner of a listed company at a young age. Guest No. 3, a gentleman who is aloof and abstinent, his shirt is always buttoned to the top. Although extremely clean, he actually has a twisted and fiery heart. And he is a well-known domestic e-sports ace. The other guests are all rich second-generation, such as the enthusiastic and gorgeous queen Bottom, the restrained and temperamental high-level intellectual Bottom, the mature and dignified Bottom and so on. But Zhai Xinchen is the nobody in this romance novel. He does the most work and gets the fewest shots. He has never received a Touched Message from beginning to end. He is a complete nerd. Ah, this persona suits him so well! Zhai Xingchen is determined to be the little match, to burn himself and illuminate other guests. When someone was hurt by the indifference of guest No. 1, he comforted: “It’s only because of his unfortunate childhood that he was so dark. Don’t you want to be his only light?” When everyone thought that guest No. 2 was too greasy and domineering, he explained: “Don’t you think he is full of the spirit of a king? He will definitely achieve something in the future, I am optimistic about him!” As for the guest No. 3: “He looks so cold and abstinent, don’t you want to tear his shirt off?” Thanks to his efforts, the show really exploded. Guest No. 1: “He is my only light.” Guest No. 2: “Only he understands me best.” Guest No. 3: “What I thought in my heart, even if I say it, it will be banned from broadcasting.” Four five six seven guests: “I love him.” Zhai Xingchen: “…Ah?” When the show first aired, netizens said, “I don’t think the guests seem to be in love.” Later: “Every episode is a jealous Shura field, so exciting!” “This is too damn sweet! My little face is flushed.”

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